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Some Great Small Businesses You Can Start To Make Money in Ghana

Recently the government of Ghana launched a program called "the Year of Return" which encouraged African-Americans and all Africans in the Diaspora to take a trip back to Ghana and have an experience of how it feels to be "home". Following the massive success of this event, the president has launched a continuation of this program and dubbed it "Beyond the return". Whiles waiting to see how this initiative will work out, I decided to update a previous article I wrote outlining some of the opportunities that can be taken advantage of by Ghanaians and diasporans to reflect "beyond the year of return".  You see, our country Ghana, is blessed with many things but we are still poor. This is because, we have failed to take advantage of the good things nature has blessed this country with. Aside the failure on the part of our leaders, we also choose to pray to for money instead of working for it. There are many businesses that can bring revenue to yo