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      She completes her second cycle education. She thinks “seeing how I didn’t put much effort into my studies, I don’t think I’ll make the cut for the university.” So she buys nursing training application forms. This one too just finished with his WASSCE but doesn’t have the confidence in gaining admission to the university so he goes for teacher training. Some complete their second cycle schooling and feeling so-so about their results, they apply for polytechnic education. After all it’s also tertiary, right? Another one finishes with S.H.S, and feeling great about his/her chances of gaining admission into that dream university he is being told now that the first degree certificate amounts to almost nothing. So he/she decides to just pass through and see what the future holds.  This guy also completes and remembering how that certain young pastor in his community lives lavishly, he decides on “Bible school”. And then this girl also goes into hairdressing or dressmaking