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      As a young blood entering the tertiary institution and working on my first degree, I was really awed by the seemingly young lecturers who already carried the title of “Dr.”. First off, becoming a lecturer is no small feat and to do so at a young age means these people could be described as geniuses. Away from that, one thing which piqued my interest was some of the hostels on campus, the GUSSS (Ghana University Staff Superannuation Scheme) hostels. A wonderful idea, this scheme pulls its capital from the pension fund of the senior members of staff and I have seen a lot of well-planned residential facilities through this scheme. I brought this up because I had this silly thought that if a chunk of that money was put in a fund geared towards helping both students and lecturers complete their projects from the paper stage to the ground, it would be wonderful, right?  Academia complains of lack of funds to finance brilliant projects which end up gathering dust in the archive ro