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I believe I fell in love with my homeland, Ghana, from the very minute I was conceived. Why? Because I think I had a good life back then. My parents were not rich, no family money, far from that actually. The breadwinner in the house has always been my mum, she was a young secondary school teacher back then – a boys’ school at that, but somehow she made her children feel they had the world (at least I did). That young secondary school teacher raised her children on her salary (I don’t want to call it meager).Okay, now let’s fast-forward from the late 90’s to 2006/2008. At that time with the prospects of an oil and gas producing country, the “government” of Ghana saw it fit to greatly subsidize the price of LPG in the local market because we wanted to: 1) Reduce the destruction of our forests for firewood and charcoal. 2) Make it easier for ordinary Ghanaians to buy and use gas in the kitchen. 3) Make the man on the street feel the benefit of the oil and gas exploitation