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Cancellation of BECE papers: WAEC is to Blame.

The news broke yesterday that WAEC have cancelled Five BECE papers already written by the candidates.Since then, I have walked through my mind trying to come to terms as to why my little bothers and sisters must suffer from the frequent leakage of the questions each year.I don't understand it because everything started from the top there.I hate the blame games but this time around i will put everything at the doorstep of WAEC. National security said they are going to conduct investigations into this problem.If i may ask, what are they going to investigate? Why do we lack this proactive spirit? Let me tell you this not the first time this happened.It happened in 2002. This has become an idiosyncratic attitude of us.Why is it that every year there is this leakage of papers(Apo) before the actual paper?  Meanwhile you call yourself a big institution but you cannot solve this seated problem for us. A parent with the name Yaw Owusu in the Ashanti region says he has to pay ¢200 to thes