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Should Marijuana (Weed) Be Legalized in Ghana?

Note :In this article, Ganja ,Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis and Indian Hemp is used interchangeably to mean the same thing. Kwaw Kesse popularly known in Showbiz as Abodam was recently in the news for allegedly advocating for the legalization of Indian Hemp in Ghana. Even though he later came out to deny those claims saying that he was taken out of context, the fact still remains that he said 80% of Ghanaians smoke Marijuana.He is a celebrity and what celebrities say has an enormous influence on the populace especially the Youth. And as such, sayings and  purported sayings by such individuals should be treated with special attention. This article seeks to address the pros and cons of using Indian Hemp and the consequences of its legalization. What is Indian Hemp ?  According to Wikipedia, "Indian hemp may refer to any of various fiber bearing plants: Apocynum cannabinum , Cannabis indica , Crotalaria juncea ,Sida rhombifolia , Asclepias incarnata." It is considered  a d