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I recently saw an article at describing 10 things that Nigerians know about Ghanaians. So I have decided to write an article on how Ghanaians see Nigerians.The article was generally negative. Reading that article made me think that there is still a long way to go if Africa wants to unite. We are all Africans and I don't think we should be habouring these kind of thoughts towards each other. Go to and any article about Ghana is being met with scorn and hatred by Nigerians. But Still Ghana and Nigeria have a special kind of friendship that has spanned decades.Many Nigerians have found in Ghana a second home. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish between a Nigerian and Ghanaian in the diaspora. When you come to Africa, its either Ghana, Nigeria or South Africa. But the relationship between Ghana and Nigeria has not always been rosy. Remember the Aliens Compliance Act? Ghana must Go? The Aliens Compliance Act Was an act passed by the then Busi