Cancellation of BECE papers: WAEC is to Blame.

The news broke yesterday that WAEC have cancelled Five BECE papers already written by the candidates.Since then, I have walked through my mind trying to come to terms as to why my little bothers and sisters must suffer from the frequent leakage of the questions each year.I don't understand it because everything started from the top there.I hate the blame games but this time around i will put everything at the doorstep of WAEC. National security said they are going to conduct investigations into this problem.If i may ask, what are they going to investigate? Why do we lack this proactive spirit? Let me tell you this not the first time this happened.It happened in 2002. This has become an idiosyncratic attitude of us.Why is it that every year there is this leakage of papers(Apo) before the actual paper?  Meanwhile you call yourself a big institution but you cannot solve this seated problem for us.

A parent with the name Yaw Owusu in the Ashanti region says he has to pay ¢200 to these officials in a way of getting the questions for his children.Look at all these.This also calls into question our morality.Why can't we prevent the papers from leaking? Is Ghana the only country which conducts national exams? No wonder because if we can't manage a small institution such as WAEC-Ghana, how can we manage a whole country ?. So for once can't our leaders reject bribes? This kind of happenings has serious repercussions for our education system.You put these kids in a magnifying glass and paint them black by cancelling their papers as if they are consciously in love with the Apo .You are at fault, solve those bribery allegations from the top there before you come down to put fear and Panic into the spines of our brothers and sisters.Now the children are going through a lot of psychological problems just because of someone's incompetency.This will affect school children especially those at the rural Areas. They never get to use some of the Apo but they are always the innocent victims of such acts which leads to paper cancellation.Ghana is facing the Dumsor problem and just when most of the kids got happy that they could have some rest coming Saturday, you caused this avoidable problem for them. Come to think of the monies that will be used to print these Five cancelled papers again. WAEC, are you that inhuman? You cannot run away from this because we blame the president HE John Mahama for the Dumsor here, we blame the GFA president Kwesi Nyantakyi for the corruption in our football.So if there are frequent leakage of exams papers why not take the blames? Why not start solving them by taking actions from the top there? Why are some people not resigning? Why is WAEC not taking responsibility? But you rather cancel the questions that leaked because of your mishandling.

I repeat, it is no fault of the children that the questions leaked. WAEC and the education ministry should take the blames and institute ,measures to check this frequent exam glitches.Start sacking those bunch of incompetent people there.Start showing the spirit of pro-activeness. They can take a cue from Egypt and set the questions only 2 hours before the test on the day of the Examination of each paper.Don't wait for this to happen again next year and you ask National Security to investigate, all these involves money that can be channeled into other sectors to bring National development.

By : Steven Zando (BSc Chemistry student, KNUST)


  1. I couldn't help but laugh as I read through your tirade,and one question which popped up in my mind was,did WAEC ever put out a notice that saying they were ready to leak the questions so interested parties should put out offers? Another question which came through was,if "concerned" guardians never tried to get the questions before hand for their wards,would there have been a leak? Third; had the teachers been up to speed on their work,giving the necessary confidence and knowledge to their students,would we be having this discussion? #4; If African children had imbued in them,the mental and moral fortitude to reject such illegal dealings,would we be here today?
    Last but not least,this is quite an interesting one though..if people like you,Mr.Writer, and I gave our little bit to counsel and educate our juniors on the needlessness and ramifications of such acts,wouldn't it have helped?
    As I put these questions to myself,all I could come up with was," maybes and maybe nots". Sometimes it becomes soo convenient to lay the blame at the doorstep of "authority" and conveniently look past our own faults. Definitely there wasn't a selling without a buying,right? Mr. Writer,I'm not saying that WAEC's hands are clean but rather that we all share in this blame,after all It really is a human institution. If the "leakers" are to be held responsible,then the "leakees" are no less accountable because after all the law has a term called "Abetting" crime.
    Mr. Writer,nobody can fault you if you're looking to point fingers but it would be cleaner if your sweep were a neater one.
    After all this issue is a forest way,way bigger than the tree you seem to point at..

  2. Nice comment but you seem to forget that it is pretty tempting for the buyer to buy than it is for the seller to sell. WAEC is the one responsible for Exams in Ghana and so must be held accountable for any leakage of information outside their premises. The write is not saying the citizens who buy it are not to blame too, but one is authority and the other is a subject. The authority is responsible for the well being of the subject.

    That was a very strong point tho...

  3. According the Mr. Writer in his last paragraph,
    "I repeat, it is no fault of the children that the questions leaked. WAEC and the education ministry should take the blames and institute ,measures to check this frequent exam glitches."


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