I recently saw an article at describing 10 things that Nigerians know about Ghanaians. So I have decided to write an article on how Ghanaians see Nigerians.The article was generally negative. Reading that article made me think that there is still a long way to go if Africa wants to unite. We are all Africans and I don't think we should be habouring these kind of thoughts towards each other. Go to and any article about Ghana is being met with scorn and hatred by Nigerians.

But Still Ghana and Nigeria have a special kind of friendship that has spanned decades.Many Nigerians have found in Ghana a second home. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish between a Nigerian and Ghanaian in the diaspora. When you come to Africa, its either Ghana, Nigeria or South Africa. But the relationship between Ghana and Nigeria has not always been rosy. Remember the Aliens Compliance Act? Ghana must Go? The Aliens Compliance Act Was an act passed by the then Busia Government to deport all foreigners out of Ghana. Most of the foreigners being Nigerians.More interestingly General Muhammadu Buhari in 1970, deported all Ghanaians in Nigeria back to Ghana.This scene in Ghanaian-Nigerian history, is still fresh in the minds of some Ghanaians. That together with football and entertainment rivalry has made both Ghanaians and Nigerians develop a special kind of lens through which they see each other. Below are some 3 points on how Some Ghanaians see their Nigerian brothers.

 1. Nigerians are Rich

May Ghanaians see Nigerians to be very rich people. Talk about money in Africa, and a Ghanaian  will quickly mention Nigerians. This wealth of Nigerians, Ghanaians attribute to Nigeria's Oil wealth. But Many other Ghanaians believe that most Nigerian rich people got rich through spiritual means. You know What I mean. Money Rituals. This is confirmed by the numerous number of movies showing Nigerians going for money rituals in their quest for quick riches. The wealth of Nigerians is also seen by Ghanaians in the way Nigerians acquire mansions in Ghanaian cities specifically, Accra. Most of the real estate business in Ghana is controlled by Nigerians because they have the hard cash. You can also see how luxurious Nigerian students live on Ghanaian campuses despite the hefty fees imposed on them by Ghanaian universities.

2. Nigerians Are Cannibals and Cruel

This is especially true among Ghanaian children. It is not uncommon to find a group of children sitting together and discussing about the Cannibalistic nature of Nigerians. Just last week, I Overheard some children discussing how in Nigeria it is common for humans to eat their fellow humans. I was literally shocked. To add oil to fire, one trotro driver was discussing with his passenger on how in Nigeria a dead body can be left on the street for cars to pass on it.I hope its not true.

3. Nigerians Are Fraudsters.

The moment you mention a Nigerian's name in the Presence of Ghanaian, the first thing that comes to mind is 419. Ghanaians see Nigerians to be the smartest fraudsters of all people.This image of Nigerians is even made more profound by the behavior of many Nigerians in Ghana. Nigerians in Ghana are known for passport fraud, ATM fraud, 419 scam using Ghanaian identity. More recently there were news about Nigerians illegally acquiring Ghana National Health Insurance Cards for medical attention in Ghanaian Hospitals. Last 4 months , a Nigerian guy named Fadola who lives in Accra was arrested for internet scam worth 80,000 Pounds. It was reported by BBC and the British press that the guy is a Ghanaian.More to this point, of the four Nigerians executed recently in Indonesia for drug trafficking , one was first reported to be a Ghanaian because he held a Ghanaian passport. All these strengthen the belief that Nigerians are fraudsters.

4. Nigerians are Chaotic .

This point is not just made by Ghanaians. Even my Nigerian friends discuss with me how hard it is to live in Lagos because everything is so chaotic. Entering a bus is a problem. You have to fight your way inside. Buying goods, buying petrol and even seeking for jobs. In 2014, a Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Tragedy occurred on Saturday March 15, when 6.5 million people in all 37 states of Nigeria stormed various recruitment centers in the country for the 4000 vacant positions in the Nigeria Immigration Service. At least 16 job seekers were confirmed dead, and several scores of people were injured. The major causes of death was due to overcrowding, stampede, exhaustion, and impatience of the applicants.

So there you have it. Those are some of the opinions that some Ghanaians have about Some Nigerians. I really hope we get to understand each other more for the benefit of all of us since we are all one. Despite the derogatory ways in which Ghanaians and Nigerians see each other, they are still the best allies in Africa. God Bless Africa.


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