Some Great Small Businesses You Can Start To Make Money in Ghana

Recently the government of Ghana launched a program called "the Year of Return" which encouraged African-Americans and all Africans in the Diaspora to take a trip back to Ghana and have an experience of how it feels to be "home". Following the massive success of this event, the president has launched a continuation of this program and dubbed it "Beyond the return". Whiles waiting to see how this initiative will work out, I decided to update a previous article I wrote outlining some of the opportunities that can be taken advantage of by Ghanaians and diasporans to reflect "beyond the year of return".  You see, our country Ghana, is blessed with many things but we are still poor. This is because, we have failed to take advantage of the good things nature has blessed this country with. Aside the failure on the part of our leaders, we also choose to pray to for money instead of working for it. There are many businesses that can bring revenue to yo

Start a Small Business In Ghana

This page is under construction.  It will discuss and illustrate the procedures and processes needed to start some businesses in Ghana. Stay tuned.....


      She completes her second cycle education. She thinks “seeing how I didn’t put much effort into my studies, I don’t think I’ll make the cut for the university.” So she buys nursing training application forms. This one too just finished with his WASSCE but doesn’t have the confidence in gaining admission to the university so he goes for teacher training. Some complete their second cycle schooling and feeling so-so about their results, they apply for polytechnic education. After all it’s also tertiary, right? Another one finishes with S.H.S, and feeling great about his/her chances of gaining admission into that dream university he is being told now that the first degree certificate amounts to almost nothing. So he/she decides to just pass through and see what the future holds.  This guy also completes and remembering how that certain young pastor in his community lives lavishly, he decides on “Bible school”. And then this girl also goes into hairdressing or dressmaking


      As a young blood entering the tertiary institution and working on my first degree, I was really awed by the seemingly young lecturers who already carried the title of “Dr.”. First off, becoming a lecturer is no small feat and to do so at a young age means these people could be described as geniuses. Away from that, one thing which piqued my interest was some of the hostels on campus, the GUSSS (Ghana University Staff Superannuation Scheme) hostels. A wonderful idea, this scheme pulls its capital from the pension fund of the senior members of staff and I have seen a lot of well-planned residential facilities through this scheme. I brought this up because I had this silly thought that if a chunk of that money was put in a fund geared towards helping both students and lecturers complete their projects from the paper stage to the ground, it would be wonderful, right?  Academia complains of lack of funds to finance brilliant projects which end up gathering dust in the archive ro


I believe I fell in love with my homeland, Ghana, from the very minute I was conceived. Why? Because I think I had a good life back then. My parents were not rich, no family money, far from that actually. The breadwinner in the house has always been my mum, she was a young secondary school teacher back then – a boys’ school at that, but somehow she made her children feel they had the world (at least I did). That young secondary school teacher raised her children on her salary (I don’t want to call it meager).Okay, now let’s fast-forward from the late 90’s to 2006/2008. At that time with the prospects of an oil and gas producing country, the “government” of Ghana saw it fit to greatly subsidize the price of LPG in the local market because we wanted to: 1) Reduce the destruction of our forests for firewood and charcoal. 2) Make it easier for ordinary Ghanaians to buy and use gas in the kitchen. 3) Make the man on the street feel the benefit of the oil and gas exploitation


I wake up early every morning just to catch the morning show hoping that I'll meet one of those rare occasions where a technocrat is invited to share his thoughts on the many "challenges" Ghana faces...But what do I get? Bureaucrats who try to gain face for their parties or try to spread their own political image and ambition. "Government" has become that figure which we can all safely point fingers at because guess what,they make it very easy. A few years ago news broke out about a man who manufactured cars from scratch. Wow! I thought at that time that definitely Ghana was on its way to becoming a world power. The man not only made cars but everyday appliances like TV sets,W.C's, airplanes, generator sets and what have you - all from scratch....he wasn't just assembling parts. By now you at least have an inkling of who I I'm going on about (I won't put down his name ,that's if you are waiting for confirmation). Now I would

Cancellation of BECE papers: WAEC is to Blame.

The news broke yesterday that WAEC have cancelled Five BECE papers already written by the candidates.Since then, I have walked through my mind trying to come to terms as to why my little bothers and sisters must suffer from the frequent leakage of the questions each year.I don't understand it because everything started from the top there.I hate the blame games but this time around i will put everything at the doorstep of WAEC. National security said they are going to conduct investigations into this problem.If i may ask, what are they going to investigate? Why do we lack this proactive spirit? Let me tell you this not the first time this happened.It happened in 2002. This has become an idiosyncratic attitude of us.Why is it that every year there is this leakage of papers(Apo) before the actual paper?  Meanwhile you call yourself a big institution but you cannot solve this seated problem for us. A parent with the name Yaw Owusu in the Ashanti region says he has to pay ¢200 to thes